December 16: Read Matthew 2:1-12 NLT

“When you wish upon a star…”; “Star light, star bright…”. Through songs, poems, or star-watching, stars have always fascinated us. The star that guided the Magi was certainly one of the ‘stars’ of the Christmas narrative.

What was this star? Some believe it was a comet, others think it was a convergence in the sky of two stars whose lights combined even though they were far apart in the sky. Still others believe it was a special star that God created for that special occasion. Regardless of the star’s origin, the Magi understood its importance and followed it to find Jesus so they could worship him and bring him gifts.

The star’s purpose was to provide light—guiding light! That is what Christmas is all about. The guiding light, the eternal light, has come to guide us in building our relationship with God, listening to the Holy Spirit, and helping us build loving relationships with others. The light also guides us to loving service.

Take some time and remember ways Jesus has guided you in the past and be thankful.

Prayer: Thank you, Jesus, for being my light in a dark world. I love you and will continue to seek your guidance. 

Reflection Questions

Jesus is the Light of the World. How has He been a light in your life? 

How has he provided light for you during a dark time?

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