Church Council


Board Chair – Josh Mandrell
Vice-Board Chair – Luke Madden
Secretary – Melanie Morgan
Lay Leaders – Benny Denny, Jerry Begale
Lay Delegates to Annual Conference – Tami Johnston, Jim Justice, Pat Bond, Joe Bleich
SPRC Chairperson – Tommy Rogers
Finance Chairperson – Matt Waldroup
Board of Trustees Chairperson – Clint Graham
Women in Faith Representative – Linda Wallace
Youth Representatives – Ashton Wick / Jodi Dunbar
Treasurer – Kim Alexander
Senior Pastor – Doug de Graffenried
Associate Pastor – Michael Cloud
Deacons – Micky Cloud / Becky Clark

Additional Members:

Outreach Chairperson – Mike Shipp
Certified Lay Speaker – Gary Green
Worship Chairperson – Melanie Peel
Endowment Chairperson – Sarah Warren
Youth Parent Committee Chairperson – Adrianne Smith
PreSchool Committee Chairperson – Sam Costanza
Children’s Committee Chairperson – Meredith Whitaker
Congregational Care – Donna Belcher
Membership Committee Chairperson – Carolyn Smith
Laskey Lecture – Rosemary Ewing
WOC Representative – Richard Heard

Members at Large:

Jennifer Willis
DeEtte Wick
Cathy Taylor
Carolyn Smith
LeAnn Waldroup
Patricia Flournoy
Katherine Brewton
Dan Madden
Mike Coyle

Transitional Executive Leadership Team

Luke Madden, Chair of Team
Kim Alexander (Business administrator)
Clint Graham (Trustees)
Sarah Warren (Endowment)

Tommy Rogers (Staff-parish)
Matt Waldroup (Finance)
Benny Denny (Lay leader)
Joe Bleich (Lay leader to Annual Conference)
Jimmy Love

Josh Mandrell
Doug DeGraffenreid
Michael Cloud

Endowment Committee

Dud Holland
Beth Craig
Sarah Warren, Chairperson

Lee Garrett
Bill Carter
Jeff Parker

Johnny Booth
Eric McCulloch
Kim McCormack

Finance Committee

George Parkman
Todd DeMoss
Windham Lee

Jimmy Love
Matt Waldroup, Chairperson
Jerry Begale

Jim Gleason
Steve Smith
Shelley Goff

Staff Parish Relations Committee

Tommy Rogers, Chairperson
Teila Lee
Jim Justice

Jennifer Willis
Sam Costanza
Fred Sutton

Stacie Clinton
Trotter Hunt
Linda Wallace

Trustees Committee

Clint Graham, Chairperson
Richard Heard
Jim Hough

Brian Brewton
Steve Betts
David Craig

Sam Wallace
Dev Altic
Melinda Maxwell

Committee of Lay Leadership

Bill McIntyre
Adrianne Smith
Fred Sutton

Meredith Whitaker
Linda Wallace
Carrie McCullin

Nancy Hunt
Olivia Gordon
Cleve Stevens