November 30: Read Luke 1:5-7; 23-25

Elizabeth’s personal journey of pain and loss is not the first we have heard in the biblical story. In the first chapter of the book of Samuel, we read a similar story. Hannah was ashamed by not having conceived a child, so she prayed to the Lord to give her a son. In return, she would dedicate him to the Lord’s service. God answered that prayer, and Samuel, one of the great prophets, was born.

The Lord is about to show up in Elizabeth’s journey too! What seemed impossible and hopeless to Elizabeth, was possible and hope-filled to God. God would meet Elizabeth where she was on her journey and then guide her on a new path on that journey. When the glorious and miraculous news came that Elizabeth was with child, her heart was transformed from broken to joyous. 

She acknowledges the Lord’s kindness, and that he has removed her disgrace. She gives all glory and honor to God for the miracle of her child. Soon, she will learn that her child is even more significant than just God removing sin and shame and replacing it with deep joy. This child she carries will also be a prophet, like Hannah’s son. But his role will be the last prophet who will herald in the coming of the Messiah.  He will speak the words of the Lord and prepare the people of God to hear that the kingdom of God draws near.

Elizabeth’s journey is filled with heartache, loss, and pain. But it’s also filled with hope, compassion, grace, mercy, and so much more than she could have ever imagined. That’s what God wants to extend to us as we journey with Him—more than we could imagine if we would but trust Him to hear our cries and know our hearts. Where might the journey this Advent season be hard for you?Where could you seek to draw closer to the Lord so he can extend more than you could imagine if you would only believe his desires to do so?

Prayer: God, open my heart to be willing to praise You in the difficult parts of the journey, believing that it’s only part of the whole journey.

Reflection Questions

Verse 25 says, “The Lord has done this for me.”  What is the “this” in your life that the Lord has done?

For Elizabeth, God answered her prayers and made possible what seemed impossible. 

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