We all remember trips we took at Christmas time, such as traveling to our grandparents’ houses, to aunts and uncles,  close friends, or back to our parents to spend the holidays with them. I’m sure if we think about it there are many cherished memories made. 

The Christmas story is full of journeys. Mary and Joseph journeyed to Bethlehem, then later to Egypt, still later to Israel, and finally settled long-term in Nazareth. Wise men (kings or Magi) traveled from the east to see this newborn king and offer gifts to him. Also, shepherds traveled, although only a short distance, to see the baby the angels announced to them.

Advent is a time for us to journey as well, not just to family and friends, but a spiritual journey to prepare our hearts and minds to remember, celebrate, and to deepen our relationship with God. Let us travel together during these days of Advent that lead to Christmas. Where will your journey of the spirit take you? What impact on our lives will this journey have as we reflect on God’s great gift to us, his Son?

Consider keeping a journal during this Advent seasons of what these devotionals bring to mind and what God is saying to your heart and spirit each day. 

Prayer: God who loves me so much, send your Holy Spirit to guide me on this Advent journey and open my heart anew to your call on my life.

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