December 5: Read Matthew 1:20-25 NLT

Have you ever been accused of living in a dream world? Maybe you are unaware of what is happening around you because you are drawn into your own world of imagination? Joseph was not in his little dream world but experiencing real messages from God through an angel. These messages guided him through his future journeys. 

Why dreams? Joseph lived in a time and culture where dreams were accepted as an avenue for God to communicate with his people, albeit through messengers. God knows our personalities and the best way to get our attention to pass on instructions to us. God may choose to put an idea in your brain; He may speak to us through other people, through something we read, or through being with God in prayer. We, like Joseph, need to be open to how God speaks to us by way of the Holy Spirit.

Yesterday’s devotional revealed how God told Joseph he should take Mary as his wife, that it was all part of a much bigger purpose. Yet, Joseph was still under stress as he might have thought to himself, ‘I am to be the Messiah’s earthly father, and I will be responsible for Jesus’ safety, upbringing, and education.’ This is an awesome responsibility!

The fact that God cared enough to communicate as clearly as he could with Joseph speaks of God’s character and love for his people. The journey with the Lord is filled with uncertainty and questions, but we can be assured that God wants to guide us.

Prayer: Holy Spirit, let me be open to your messages and let me obey with confidence in God’s plan as Joseph did. 

Reflection Questions

God Speaks! He knows our personalities and the best way to get our attention. How does God speak to you? 

What is He telling you? 

How does it help you on your spiritual journey? (for example… God speaks through song. He reminds me of his faithful love. This helps me on my journey to trust Him even when I do not see the whole picture.)

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