December 6: Read Matthew 2:3-15 NLT

I do not know about you, but I have never had someone trying to kill me or any of my family members. So, it is hard for me to understand what Joseph was feeling—the fear and worry—when he experiences a second dream that warns him about a plot to kill his son, Jesus.

King Herod was so paranoid about losing his throne and the power that went with it that he would murder anyone he perceived to be a threat. Once again, as discussed earlier, the world Jesus was born into was full of evil. People were power hungry and money hungry, just like today.

Once again, Joseph has a dream that reveals God’s plan to keep Joseph’s family safe and sustain them. Joseph is told to go to Egypt. Why Egypt? There are Jewish settlements established there years before, and/or God wanted Jesus’ life to parallel Moses’ by coming out of Egypt, allowing people to identify Jesus as the Messiah. Another major reason for the call to Egypt is because, multiple times in the Old Testament, the Lord referred to Israel as His son. What a parallel to make—that Israel was God’s chosen children, and now His own son would come out of Egypt to save His people.

Where would Joseph get the money to live in Egypt until the return to Israel? Many scholars believe the gift of gold given by the Magi was the source of revenue for Joseph. God always supplies for needs, even when we may not realize it at the time. 

God’s message through the dream doesn’t just tell Joseph to flee, but provides specific instructions of where and why. So, Joseph was sent on a journey by God for protection of his family and to play a part in God’s plan for salvation. 

Prayer: Holy Spirit, let me be open to your messages and let me obey with confidence in God’s plan as Joseph did. 

Reflection Questions

God provides! We can trust His ways. He promises to go before us and to be with us where he sends us. Are you ready to be sent by God to where he chooses with faith and confidence? 

Are you ready to trust the journey He has prepared to fulfill His purpose?

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