December 9: Read Luke 2:41-42 NLT

As we conclude our look at Joseph’s journey in God’s plan, we read in Luke chapter 2 the only story recorded of Jesus’ childhood. Jesus was mistakenly left behind in Jerusalem. After a frantic search by his parents, he was found in the temple. After this story, Joseph is never mentioned again in the story of Jesus. So, what happened to Joseph?

Here are two possibilities:

  1. He died before Jesus’ ministry began. If this was the case, Jesus would surely understand the grief of losing someone so important in his life. This fact combined with his passion and death on a cross would mean Jesus understands our grief and can bring us comfort.
  2. Joseph lived to see Jesus’ death on the cross but it is not mentioned in the narrative. Why? Joseph played his role in God’s plan and now the focus is on Jesus and not his earthly father. 

What happened to Joseph is a mystery. What is not a mystery is Joseph’s righteousness, integrity, and obedience to God. All of us should be guided by Joseph’s example. We should all give thanks if we complete our life’s spiritual journey and calling as Joseph did.

Spend some time reflecting on Joseph. The bible may not tell us everything about Joseph, but what it tells us is enough.

Prayer: Thank you God, for Joseph. Help me to follow his example of faith and obedience. 

Reflection Questions

As you read about Joseph this week, what are some things God has revealed to you about Joseph? 

How does Joseph’s example of following God help your walk with Christ? 

What does following Christ looks like in your life?

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