December 15: Read Matthew 2:1-2 NLT

The star is a main character in the Christmas narrative as a representative of the guiding light of Christ. Many Christmas trees are adorned at the top by a star to remind us of the first star. Lights on a tree are also a key element to decorating the tree. These elements of light remind us of the light of the world that came down that Christmas day.

It is a tradition to sing Silent Night at Christmas Eve or Christmas Day services. At the appointed place in the song the attendees raise a lighted candle in an otherwise dark place of worship. The symbolism and beauty of that moment for many…is pure joy! The light of God shining and overcoming darkness is clearly understood.

God sent us THE light, Jesus Christ, out of pure love for us. 

Prayer: Today, I acknowledge that you are God. You have always had a plan and purpose to save me, to redeem me, to heal me, to bring me wholeness. I walk in that gift, fully, today. 

Reflection Questions

In your life, are you following God’s light or are you stumbling around in darkness? 

How can we shine the Way for others to see and understand that the darkness will never win because of Jesus’ love?

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