• Hardened Hearts and De-Creation

    Today we ask some deep questions about the issue of God hardening Pharaoh’s heart, and what that might actually mean, as well as how the order of the plagues of Egypt symbolizes a sort of “de-creation” of the land of Egypt. Do you have questions for us? Send an email to askgoingdeeper@gmail.com.  Order your copy of the E100 study guide – http://store.scriptureunionresources.com/the-essential-bible-book-e100/ Find more about E100 at trinityruston.org

  • No Such Thing as a Perfect Family

    In this third episode of our E100 season of the podcast, we’ve got some new voices joining us with Rev. Chris Winterman and Haley Kesterson. This week’s readings are centered around the Old Testament character of Joseph. It’s easy to assume that Joseph was a great guy that never messed up, but when we look deeper, it seems that it may not be as cut and dry as we often assume, especially when dealing with traditional biblical heroes.  Do you have questions for us? Send an email to askgoingdeeper@gmail.com.  Order your copy of the E100 study guide – http://store.scriptureunionresources.com/the-essential-bible-book-e100/

  • The Birth of a Nation

    Thanks for joining us again for this second episode of our E100 podcast series. In this episode, we dig into the birth of the nation of Israel, beginning with the covenant that God makes with Abraham. We also ask some questions about the struggle of favoritism that many families still deal with today.  Do you have questions for us? Send an email to askgoingdeeper@gmail.com.  Order your copy of the E100 study guide – http://store.scriptureunionresources.com/the-essential-bible-book-e100/

  • In the Beginning

    Today we begin our second season on Going Deeper. Over the next 20 weeks we’ll be discussing each week’s readings as laid out by the E100 reading plan, organized by Scripture Union. Read along with us and join in the conversation as we ask questions and discuss the Essential 100 readings of the Bible.  Specifically, in this week’s episode, we invite Rev. Doug de Graffenried onto the podcast to share his knowledge of the Hebrew language as we take a look at the first 11 chapters of Genesis. These first chapters of the bible, and how we read them, shape how we interpret and understand the story of…

  • As For Me and My House

    This wraps up season one, and our journey through the book of Joshua. There’s an interesting discussion about chapters 23 and 24 potentially being a telling of the same conversation from 2 different perspectives. 

  • It’s Not an Altar, It’s an Altar!

    This week we find ourselves in Chapter 22 of the book of Joshua. We discuss the events surrounding the Easter tribes building a questionable altar, and the western tribes having some serious concerns about it. 

  • Cities of Refuge and the Original Avenger

    In today’s episode we discuss the Cities of Refuge, and the importance of sacrifice and blood in the old testament. We also run through the land allotments to the Levites. 

  • Active Faith and Land Grants in the Old Testament

    Most people think the distribution of the land in the book of Joshua is pretty dry, but we discuss how it really begins to put shape to the covenant God made with Abraham in Genesis, and how active faith played a huge role in the taking of the Holy Land.

  • The Day the Earth Stood Still … Maybe

    In this episode we invite our very first guest to the show, and have a great discussion about wether or not the earth stood still for Joshua and the Israelites during the southern campaign of the taking of the Holy Land. We also spend some time discussing the idea of grace and mercy in the Old Testament, and how it doesn’t look like we think it should, but it’s there nonetheless. 

  • Achen and the Battles of Ai

    Today we discuss the severity of sin, and how one man’s sin played a role in the loss, and then later victory in the battles of Ai in chapters 7 and 8 of the Book of Joshua. 

  • The Trouble with Holy War

    As our journey through the book of Joshua continues, we find ourselves at the point of the story where the Israelites finally enter the holy land and take the city of Jericho. We spend a lot of time discussing the topic of Holy War, and what it really means. 

  • Rocks and Remembrance

    On this episode of Going Deeper, we’re moving closer to entering the Promised Land in Joshua chapters 3-5. We discuss the use of rocks and altars in the Old Testament as a way of remembering, and how this relates to the altars and monuments we make for ourselves as ways of remembering important events in our lives.