• Who is Jesus?

    The question is “Who is Jesus?” We’re back with a new season and a new reading plan! This season we’re reading through the E-100 Essential Jesus reading plan, covering the 100 essential passages of scripture about Jesus. Read with us:https://www.bible.com/en/reading-plans/56 Essential Jesus ResourcesScripture Union: https://store.scriptureunionresources.com/ejesus/ Have questions? Email us at askgoingdeeper@gmail.com.

  • Fair Treatment and Holy Conversations

    James encourages his readers to treat each other fairly in business dealings, and to have “holy conversations” by confessing our sins. We find that it is in community that we realize the power of the gospel, especially if we’re focused on God. askgoingdeeper@gmail.com

  • Jealousy and Envy in the Bible

    In this week’s episode we discuss a little piece of chapter 4 from the book of James. The discussion centers around the idea of God being jealous or envious of the things we desire versus us being jealous for the wrong things. Let us know what you think. Send us an email to askgoingdeeper@gmail.com

  • A (not so quick) conversation about taming your tongue.

    In our conversation about Chapter 3, we talk about the heavy burden of being a leader in the church, and taming our tongues. Leave a comment or send an email to askgoingdeeper@gmail.com.

  • Faith, Works and Abraham

    In today’s episode we talk about the differences between Paul’s writing about Abraham and Isaac’s test, and the author of the book of James’ use of the Old Testament account. Leave us a comment or send us a question to askgoingdeeper@gmail.com

  • Does God give me temptations and trials?

    In this episode Kyle and Becky discuss the issues brought up in Chapter 1 of the book of James, specifically the concepts of trials and temptations. If you have questions about this or any other episode of the podcast, drop us a comment or send us an email to askgoingdeeper@gmail.com.

  • An introduction to the book of James

    In this episode of Going deeper we begin our conversation on the book of James. It’s one of the most quoted books of the new testament, but it’s also one of the most confusing and controversial. Allow us to shed a little light on it, or maybe even make you more confused.

  • “…And in the end…” The book of Revelation.

    The book of revelation is fascinating, encouraging, and troubling all at the same time. When we allow ourselves to read the book as apocalyptic poetry, we discover that God is revealing to us the eventual outcome of his plan that he laid out for us, his creation, from the very beginning. Do you have questions for us? Send an email to askgoingdeeper@gmail.com.

  • The Struggle between Faith and Works

    Theologians have, for centuries, debated the value of faith versus works. In today’s episode we spend a bit of time hashing out the balance between faith and works and how they work together as we live out a transformed life in Jesus Christ. Do you have questions for us? Send an email to askgoingdeeper@gmail.com.

  • What does it take to start a church?

    The bible lays out the ideas behind starting what has become the global Church. There are things that are great about what the Church has become, and things that we maybe need to remember about the original purpose behind the institution of the Church. We discuss some of these things today, and steps we can take to make the church a more vibrant community of people following Christ. Do you have questions for us? Send an email to askgoingdeeper@gmail.com.

  • What did Paul really say about…? (continued)

    We dig further into the writings of Paul and his letters to the churches. What does Paul say about things like grace, the law, and condemnation? Paul walks a fine line and at times seems to contradict himself, but when we read a little more carefully, it’s finding the balance in our faith to know where our motives are as we live out our faith. Do you have questions for us? Send an email to askgoingdeeper@gmail.com.

  • Going Deeper Q&A Session 3

    You asked, we answered. In this third Q&A session, we answer questions about obscure passages in the Gospel accounts, the order of the Gospels, and more! Get your questions included in the next Q&A session by submitting them to askgoingdeeper@gmail.com