Welcome Trinity Employees! In order to make your life a little easier, I’ve put together a guide to help you get the most out of the communication tools we use at Trinity. These include:

  • Microsoft Office365
    • Email
    • Office apps
    • Teams chat app
    • OneDrive cloud storage
  • Shelby Next Church Management System
  • Planning Center Online Worship Planning Tools

Let’s start with your desktop computer. If you have a windows computer provided by Trinity, then you should automatically have the needed programs (Outlook) installed on your computer. But before you open Outlook for the first time, it’s helpful to log on to the main Office365 website first.

Sign in with your full email address assigned to you. If you haven’t been assigned an email address, contact Kyle to get your trinityruston email.

Use the password that was assigned to you for the initial login. Don’t worry, you can change your password after your initial login.

After this initial login, you are all set to start using email and the rest of your Office365 apps. If you are having trouble logging in, contact Kyle.

Now you can head to the Outlook app on your computer. When the login screen pops up, make sure to enter your correct email address. Please note: Outlook will often attempt to log you in to our “local” server, and you will need to change your login email address to xxxxx@trinityruston.org from xxxxx@trinityrustyon.local to receive your email.

If you want to set up your email on a personal device (phone, table, personal laptop, etc.) Follow the steps below.

After setting up your email on your Trinity computer, getting it set up on your personal device (laptop, phone, tablet, etc) is fairly straightforward.

For your Phone: 

Are you an iPhone user? –> Get the app here
Are you an Android user? –> Get the app here

It is possible to set up the built-in mail clients on iPhone and Android devices to connect to the outlook servers, I recommend using the Outlook app. It makes sign-in and account management easier. If you choose to set up your email in the default app, you may do so. Set up your trinity email as you would any other email, but if given the choice, choose Microsoft Exchange as the email type, not outlook.com. If you have trouble connecting your email with the built-in app on your phone, additional troubleshooting will need to be done with Kyle in person.

At Trinity, we use Microsoft Teams for group chat and communication. The benefit is that it uses the same login as your main Office365 account. Choose your device type, download the app, and get started.

Be sure to set up notifications for the chat channels from which you want to get notifications. Start by tapping the three lines at the top left of the screen, and turn on notifications, choosing the items you’d like to get notified by. Note that under channel posts, you have the option to enable notifications per channel, allowing you to only get notified when someone posts in a channel that you have chosen to follow.

Our Church Management System (ChMS) is Shelby Next. It’s a web-based management system that includes member information, contributions, and communication tools. Some things you can do with Shelby Next include:

  • Look up a member’s phone number or address
  • Send an email or text message to a group of church members
  • See when the last time a member was contacted by a Trinity staff member
  • Request sign-up forms for ministry events
  • Check registrations for events in your ministry area via Shelby Forms

To get set up as a user on Shelby Arena, contact Missy Raley.

Quick Links

Office365 two factor authentication: 

To allow employees the ability to change their own password, Microsoft requires that your account have two-factor authentication set up. This means that when logging in for the first time, you will need to have a secondary email and/or phone number that can receive a verification code.