Join Rev. Becky Clark and Marie Burns as we dig into this powerful and bold Epistle. James has been compared to Proverbs as a ‘wisdom book for the new church”.  It is one of the most quoted books in the New Testament and can be considered one of the most controversial and/or confusing. James’ frank speech and seeming contradictions makes it an exciting and challenging book to study.

Becky Clark - June 10, 2021

The Book of James - Week 1

In this episode, Becky Clark sets up the historical and cultural background to the book of James.

From Series: "The Book of James"

The New Testament book of James is often viewed as one of the most confusing and controversial books in the New Testament. The book's author, often thought to be James the brother of Jesus, seems to contradict himself and other biblical authors at times, but when we dig a little deeper and look for the proper context, the picture begins to become less murky, and the authors words start making more sense to us today.

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