• The Trinity Staff Episode

    On this special episode, members of the Trinity Church staff get together to discuss the last week of readings from the book “Easter Earthquake” by James Harnish.

  • New Life in the Graveyard

    In this episode, we’re talking about the heavy topic of our own mortality, and how even though it seemed as though Jesus had failed, God got the last laugh. The paradox here is that in Jesus’ death, all of creation has new life available, through the power of the resurrection.

  • The Healing Power of Scars

    For many of us, scars are often seen as a negative thing. Something that reminds us of past injury or trauma. But God will often use our scars to display His power to those in our lives, and to reveal his glory to others because of, not in spite of, our past.

  • From Creation to Foolishness

    On this episode of the podcast we discuss the idea of foolishness, and how what we see as wisdom, God sees as foolishness and vice versa. The conversation is full of seeming contradiction, but God’s wisdom far outweighs ours we see how God takes our way of thinking and flips it upside down to reveal an even more powerful display of his grace and mercy.

  • Does God Surprise You?

    In this episode we dive into some of the surprising ways God fulfills his promises, drawing parallels between biblical narratives and our own lives. From Abram and Sarai all the way to the resurrection of Jesus, and still today, God often has a way of making himself known, often in ways we would never expect.

  • Shifting your Perspective on the Resurrection

    On this episode of the podcast we begin a series of discussions on the book “Easter Earthquake” by James A. Harnish. How does the resurrection of Jesus shape your idea of salvation? Is it something you keep for yourself, or is it meant for you to share?

  • A Conversation with Sandy Richter

    On this special edition of the podcast, we sit down with Dr. Sandy Richter during her visit to Trinity and have a conversation about bible study curriculums, how they’re created, and how they impact the lives of the people that experience them from start to finish.

  • Following God in Unsure Times

    Sometimes prayer leads into places where we don’t want to go at the moment, but as we hear in today’s episode with LeAnn and Matt Waldroup, you end up finding exactly what you were praying for. 

  • Does daily prayer make a difference?

    Some times it’s hard to know if our prayer life makes a difference. In this episode, I sat down with Ashley and Jason King, and we discussed how their commitment to consistent, daily prayer has impacted their family, and how important a role it plays in their daily lives.  Cool Manly Journal – https://a.co/d/140Azsv Do you have questions for us? Send an email to askgoingdeeper@gmail.com.

  • What is Prayer, and how do I do it?

    There are many ideas about what prayer is, and how best to go about it. What does the Bible tell us about prayer? Is there a right way and wrong way to pray? What should we be praying for? What do I do if I don’t know what to say? We’ve got some practical ideas to help you with these questions.

  • When God doesn’t answer your prayers the right way

    Prayer is an important part of the spiritual life, but as Christians, prayer takes on an even deeper meaning in our lives. We are invited into a relationship with the God of the universe through the practice of prayer. It can take many different forms, but the heart of prayer is a life that is submitting, listening, and talking to God, regardless of your present circumstances.  On this episode I talk with two amazing women who have had their prayer lives evolve over the course of their lives into a central aspect of the faith in Jesus, even when it seems that God isn’t listening to their prayers. 

  • Who is Jesus to You?

    Who is Jesus to You? Over the years, many different people have made many claims about who Jesus is. Let’s look through the scriptures and find out for ourselves who Jesus is to us. Join us in the Holy Land – https://bit.ly/3uCRjjJ Do you have questions for us? Send an email to askgoingdeeper@gmail.com.