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Your Generosity in Action

The 2020 Operating budget for the church consists of many different line items for both revenue and expenditures.  We have broken this down so you can see how your monetary gifts are utilized for programming, administration, ministry, and missions. Our budgeted income for 2020 is $2,310,200.00. This includes pledge income, non-pledge income and internal income.  To date (9/30/20), we have received $1,459,293.00 in total income for our operating budget. As far as expenses go, we budgeted to spend $2,213,198 in 2020, and to date, we have spent $1,401,832.00.

Year-to-Date expenses for 2020:

Spiritual Formation – From birth to Sr. Adults, Trinity offers Sunday school classes, Bible studies, small groups, youth activities, pre-school and elementary activities and many other teachings and learning opportunities to help us grow as people of faith.

Building & Grounds– Our buildings and grounds provide the setting for worship, fellowship and formation and serve the local area as an active community resource. Many civic clubs hold meetings at Trinity, and we are so blessed to have a facility and staff that can accommodate the many needs of our members and those who do not attend Trinity.

Worship– Before COVID, every Sunday morning, our Sanctuary was filled with voices lifting praises to God. From the music to the children’s message to the inspirational sermon given to us as a gift of the Spirit, Trinity is a church of passionate worship. But like an overflowing cup, our Worship does not end with Sunday morning service; it spills out into every area of ministry and into all who enter our doors. The Trinity worship ministry includes weddings, funerals, baptisms, Holy Communion, healing services, Christmas Eve and Holy Week.

Administration & Communication– Our ministries at Trinity Methodist Church are shared, coordinated and communicated through our dedicated administrative staff, Multi-Media staff, KXKZ 107.5, and on the web at www.trinityruston.org.

Congregational Care– We nurture. Not only to members of Trinity, but to others in and around the community in the name of Jesus Christ. We come together on Wednesday evening to enjoy our Family Dinner, provide meals to the sick and those who have lost family members. Our care teams follow all members who are experiencing life events from birth to death. We celebrate and stand with you in every situation.

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