So here it is, my final devotion as one of the pastors at Trinity. I am reminded of the moment when Jesus breathed his last upon the cross and said, “It is finished.” Except my work doesn’t feel finished.  Not really. There is so much left to do. 

For me this is a real struggle as by nature I don’t like to leave things undone. When I start a project, I don’t stop until I have all the details worked out.  When I start a good book, I read it until the last page. Last year, I decided to run a half marathon and so I trained for months and kept at it until I crossed the finish line. Clearly finishing is something I find deep satisfaction in doing.

But of course life is not always so neat and tidy. Some things have to be left undone. Finished or not, sometimes we have to lay it down and trust that the world will not come to an end when we do so. We have to be reminded that we are not designed to carry it all upon our shoulders and that others are quite capable of jumping in to help if we will let them.

In a few weeks, Chris will come and sit at the desk I sat at for 6 years. He  will probably stare out the window as I often did. If he is lucky, he will spot the deer that occasionally graze on the edge of the parking lot near the woods or the cardinals that play in the tree closest to the building. Mostly though, I would imagine he will work hard serving the church we both love. Regardless, of how he spends his time I do know this, his work will always be unfinished. There will always be so much left to do. Maybe you can jump in to help him. It might just help you too.

Until next time,
Leslie Stephens