Yesterday while getting ready in my room, I heard a loud crashing sound near my bedroom window. I quickly investigated only to discover my very determined cat trying to get to something he saw behind the blinds. Raising them up I discovered the source of my cat’s attention. A young bird had hopped up on the windowsill and was sitting there petrified of the gray mass of fur desperately trying to catch him. Thankfully for the bird a pane of glass separated them. 

Curious I watched the bird for a while. It wasn’t long before he hopped down and wandered around in the grass. I wondered where he came from and how long he had been there. I worried that when the sun set something worse than a cat might get hold of him. Before long though, the little bird cocked his head to the side clearly hearing something in the distance. So I listened too. The sound of another bird was coming closer and closer. Then there she was, a beautiful red Robin perched delicately on the fence above. The little bird began frantically calling to her. For a few moments they sang together. 

Their delightful reunion was short lived though for soon the mother flew off and out of sight. The little bird was desperate to follow her. First he ran in the direction she flew in. When this yielded little benefit he began to hop with all his might. Still he could not catch her. Finally with nothing left to try he began to desperately flap his wings and then it happened. His little body began to lift off the ground and suddenly up he went off in the direction he saw her fly. Watching his wobbly little wings find their rhythm was quite moving. It seemed all he needed was a little encouragement from the one who loved him enough to meet him where he was while reminding him that he didn’t have to stay there. 

Until next time,
Pastor Leslie