We are so excited for this Advent Season. We have been praying and planning for this time of year since early summer. We are proud to offer a church-wide Advent study created by individuals in our own church family who have felt the tug on their hearts to write and develop a devotional/study guide.

Our hope is that you will embark on this journey through the Advent season by not only reading the daily devotionals, but using the prayers created, the questions asked, and seeking to interact with others as they also journey through this season of expectation and joy.

We will focus on the devotionals in our small groups, Sunday School classes of all ages, and even use the devos as a guide for preaching. Each day there are reflection questions for you to use in your personal study and our study time together. 

Here is what we ask:

1. Read the daily devotionals – available below.
2. Interact with the daily questions.
3. If you are not already a part of a Small Group or Sunday School Class, join one during this time (and hopefully you love it and will stay past Advent), so you can discover with your group where God is speaking to you through this season and the reflection questions.

Blessings During this Advent Journey,

Gary Green, Teila Lee, and Rev. Becky Clark

Download the Advent Journey eBook here

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